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Maple Raccoon, a Canadian-based cat-friendly, pet family lifestyle retailer, traces its origins back to Etsy, where we began our journey crafting unique handcrafted items. With a passion for quality and creativity, we've evolved into a destination that inspires customers through a distinctive blend of product lines, creativity, and cultural understanding.

We take pride in our direct connection between factories and customers, providing an exceptional shopping experience. Additionally, we offer FREE expedited shipping to over 15 countries.

At Maple Raccoon, our roots in Etsy have influenced our commitment to handcrafted excellence. We curate a diverse range of products, including housewares, toys, accessories, and various pet supplies, all crafted with passion and attention to detail. Our collection also extends to lifestyle products, offered at reasonable prices, with your satisfaction as our top priority.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service while upholding professional integrity and trust. Once again, welcome to our online store, where there's always something new to discover. Join the conversation by following, sharing, and shopping @Maple Raccoon.

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For inquiries, contact us at:

Email: info@mapleraccoon.com
Mail address: 170 rue Rioux, Suite 1515, Montreal QC, Canada, H3C 0X3
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